Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Morphing faces + Gwynns from the card show

I love Tony Gwynn. But man, he's got a ton of cards out there. I have no intention of becoming a full-on Gwynn supercollector-- I'd go broke and bored trying to obtain every card he's got-- But I like picking up the occasional neat one that catches my eye, especially when digging in a dimebox. Here are some I got at the card show a little over a week ago.

First off is a Sportflics card.. (and my latest technique for attempting to capture a "non-static" card on the blog.)

I typically stay far away from Sportflics, but there was just too much starpower jam packed onto this card for me to resist.

Pop quiz: Can you name all 6 players on this card?

The top window transitions pretty smoothly since they're all black dudes with mustaches and are directly facing the camera. (Kinda reminds me of the end of that Michael Jackson video.. an excuse to post it above.. Hey, look at Macaulay Culkin making another appearance on my blog in short span!)

But the bottom window of the Sportflics card is all over the place. Too bad the company wasn't better about making smooth face-morphs more often, since it definitely makes for a cooler card. You can look at it at just the correct angle where you get half of one guy and half of another guy and then you get a good idea of what their theoretical offspring would look like. LOL. Sort of like the old "If They Mated" bit on Conan O'Brien.

On a side note, I've always called it "Sportsflics." But no, the sport part is singular, I realize now. Am I the only one who's been saying it wrong this whole time?

Anyways, back to the Gwynns...
I couldn't remember which few of the '92 Ultra "Commemorative Series" inserts I still needed, so when I found these in the dimebox, I said screw it and grabbed them all...

I still need "No. 8 of 10" and an upgrade of the special Casa de Amparo card (which I posted about last year as "the worst-condition card I own"), then I think I'll have the complete set of these emerald marble beauties.

And here are a few more cards..

Lots of cards from the countless "limited edition, etc." 80s Fleer sets. Gotta love 'em. On the bottom, we have a serial numbered card (to something like /4999, but still!) and an oddball disc that likely came from the bottom of a promotional cup, I'm guessing. I miss the long-ago days of getting neat stuff from the bottom of my Slurpee.

And I miss Tony Gwynn, too. Love you, Tony!

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Bill Madlock
    Keith Hernandez
    Pete Rose
    Dave Parker
    Pedro Guerrero

    1. Close, but that's Danny Jackson, not Pete Rose.

      just kidding, you got it!

  2. Close on the disc - King-B's were inserted in little tubs of shredded jerky. I think they looked like little dip tins, if I remember right.