Friday, December 19, 2014

Gift box from Johnny

The holiday surprises continue! John from Johnny's Trading Spot dropped a flat-rate Priority Mail box full of cards on me the other day, mostly Padres. It was a lot of fun going through it and coming up with a fat stack of keepers. Let's check out some highlights.

This probably doesn't count as a Bipping in the traditional sense, but I always love getting Bips.

Benito has lots of cool cards. Well, 90 Fleer isn't one of them, obviously.

I've tried to fight collecting Garry Templeton cards for a while, but I think I gave in.

A key component of the box, there were over 30 cards from El Cajon's own Brian Giles! Here are a few I picked out to scan.

And here are some other various interesting cards, included a Peavy throwback, a young Headley, a young Derrek Lee, a young Phil Nevin, an old "year zero" Mike Scioscia (he signed with the Padres but got injured in spring training and retired), and a Khalil. (I think I need to play with my new scanner's settings a bit to work on improving the quality. The Scioscia, especially, looks terrible here.)

Great cards.. Thanks so much, John! Have a very Merry Christmas! I'll hope to scrape up some Braves to send you before long to try returning the favor.

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  1. I promise, I tried not to include dupes. I must have had two boxes of 90 fleer, and the upper deck ones. I do hope you found some Giles cards you needed.