Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Listia winnings and webtraffic roundup

Time to check out this past week's Listia pickups.

I just got my first Ken Caminiti auto a couple weeks ago, and now I've added another. Of course this one is less cool, being on a '91 Score, uncertified n' all. But still neat to add to the collection for a reasonable amount of credits. I'm inclined to consider it authentic; If someone was going to bother to forge it, they'd undoubtedly do a better looking job than that. (No offence to the late Ken Caminiti.)

I don't know why my new scanner occasionally does a crap job, such as with all the lines on that above scan. Really tempted to rescan it.

--ok, I just tried to rescan it and it still looked bad. I guess my scanner, like most collectors, just hates '91 Score.

Glad to add a Fidrych rookie to my collection. Gotta love this iconic card of the 70s.

Here was a lot of 8 McCovey cards. Between this lot and the McCovey-heavy PWE Hoyling the other day, this week has seen a nice bump to my McCovllection. This was a pretty good deal (557 credits), even though I'm sure I already had 3 or 4 of these.

My Listia credit account is looking pretty fat these days. That $22 pennybox grab bag I bought at the card show a couple months ago has really paid for itself just with the football cards I didn't want. (Hell, the Aaron Rodgers cards alone probably netted me $22 worth of Listia credit.) Lately, I've been too lazy to list separate lots (picking out cards, scanning them, typing up the details), so I've just been putting up "6 random cards from the team of your choice" lots with low Get It Now prices. It's been working great so far. Low effort on my part, and the winners are happy with the random cards they get. I've also tried similar auctions for baseball, basketball, and racing, but the football lots are definitely the best performers. You can check out my current auctions here. I recently toyed with the notion of eBaying a couple cards, but the process for listing an auction was such a run-around that I abandoned my attempt. Now I remember why sellers hate eBay so much.

Anyways, onto the webtraffic roundup. This is my 3rd week doing this. I like it mainly for the ICYMI ("in case you missed it") rundown of the blog posts for the previous 7 days. Gives me the opportunity to give a little push to any particular posts that may have gotten overlooked. But I don't want to come off as either bragging about good traffic or whining about not enough, so let's not put too much importance on any of this. Not sure how long I'll continue with this weekly practice, but here we go.

Mookies and Wookiees (Listia and webtraffic roundup) (12/10) 35 views. As I mentioned last week, my "reader reception" goal for every post is 50 views and a comment. This one fell well short of the 50 views. I blame leading with a basketball card. Hey, I get it-- I too am guilty of passing over posts in my feed that seem to have nothing to do with baseball. There's maybe a 50/50 chance of me clicking on a non-baseball post from a blog that I'm otherwise a loyal reader of. For what it's worth, there are baseball cards in that post once you get past the offending Mookie Blaylock auto!

year-end outstanding trades cleanup (12/11) 52 views. This post reached the goals, but was a failure in that it didn't really do anything. At least I can be relatively assured that I don't owe anyone any cards, apart from a few "I owe ya one" situations. (and in those instances, I typically wait for them to speak up for any tradebait I post, rather bug them with a bunch "do you want this?" messages.)

I went to school with John Barnes and he played in the majors (Guys from Granite) (12/12) 47 views. Sure, this series is basically "just for me" posts, but it's nice when other people read them too. I failed at coming up with a catchy title for this post, so just did my best to summarize it in a sentence.

Vintage from the beat-up box (card show recap) (12/13) 59 views. Not bad. I need to get around to posting about the rest of my haul from the recent card show.

Double, Double, Hoyle and Trouble (12/14) 51 views. The blogosphere has just about run out of clever titles for Mark Hoyle trade posts. I definitely scraped the bottom of the barrell here.

Topps Retired, but I'm still working (12/15) 48 views. Cool.

Too Many Verlanders From the Dollar Store (12/16) 34 views. Blogger again randomly held onto my post for over an hour till it sent it along over blogrolls and whatnot. Hate when that happens. Not that it's a huge deal, but still kind of annoying.

And now for bar graphs..

I think Wrigley Wax is a new one on the referring list, knocking off Torren' Down Yankees. Let's see if Zippy Zappy can mount a comeback and claw back into the ratings next week. (LOL, I should totally turn this into a contest. No, I shouldn't. But if I did, Night Owl would walk away with it.) I gotta admit I don't know what the difference is between "Referring URLs" and "Referring Sites." Seems to be mostly the same sites/URLs in a slightly different order.

As for Search Keywords.. If you look for a serial number and don't find one.. it's probably not a serial numbered card.
Cool that someone was checking out my ATHF poster signed by Master Shake. I have a couple more Aqua Teen collectables I should post about sometime.
I don't know how baseball cards are cut, honestly. Big pieces of cardboard cut up by big, sharp machines, I assume. That'd make for an interesting "How It's Made" segment. Sy Berger's recent passing is another reminder that there's never been a really good documentary made about baseball cards. Hopefully someday. Ken Burns needs to get on that.

Thanks for clicking. See ya next time.

UPDATE! Almost forgot.. speaking of Night Owl, I earned a new Listia badge the other day..

Suck it!


  1. The real question is when did you write about "rhonda carew two daughter"? LOL!

    1. Haha, yeah, that was a weird one. I'm sure I've mentioned Rod Carew before, but Rhonda? two daughter?

  2. I got one of those badges. ... I think ... I haven't checked out Listia in like a year.

    1. I think I've mentioned it before, but I was introduced to Listia thanks to your blog. Not sure if I should thank or curse you for that!

  3. I wonder what original transparencies were used to make. The serial numbers maybe?

    1. Maybe they were talking about the photo negatives used for cards?

  4. "Blogger again randomly held onto my post for over an hour till it sent it along over blogrolls and whatnot. Hate when that happens."

    Agreed. Seriously, Blogger - WTH?!

  5. I have had that happen with my posts as well. I've found if you go back into your completed post under edit and hit update it usually fixes the issue. Sometimes you have to do it a couple of times.....

    1. Thanks for the tip.. I'll have to try that next time it happens.

  6. Likin this! What's your Listia user?