Sunday, December 14, 2014

Double, Double, Hoyle and Trouble

Vintage Vanguard Mark Hoyle dropped a nice PWE on my yesterday.

Sweet second-year McCovey! Some surface wear/staple marks, but still in decent shape. A great addition to my burgeoning McCovey McCollection.

A couple more McCoveys! And mah boi Dickie Allen in there, too. Love both those players (Ernie Banks, too), but I think my DA PC trumps my Stretch PC, so that LL'll probably end up with my DAs.

Hey, some more '69s! A trio of HOFers. Very nice.

Pilots! Seattle Pilots cards always seem like remnant of a bizzaro-world dimensional rip. No way that team ever existed! Anyways, one of these is OPC, for bonus cool points.

Possibly the highlight of the awesome-packed PWE was this outside-the-box item...

Not a card, but a clipping of the late, great Mike Reinbach. I trumpeted him two or three weeks ago for being the first guy from my high school to have played in the majors. But he didn't stick around long, so there's not much collectable remnants of him out there. So that makes this all the more special. Was this from some old baseball almanac or something, Mark? In any case, big thanks for everything! I sent off a package to you Friday afternoon with a bunch of Red Sox goodness.


  1. That clipping comes from one of the Sporting News' line of annual guides, probably the Player Register. I'd bet money on it, that typeface and player info layout is the one they used for years.

  2. Always great find an envelope from Mark in the mailbox!