Saturday, December 27, 2014

post-Christmas cards

It's nice to receive a trade package in the mail on 12/26 to help ease the comedown from the gift-opening high of Christmas. I got such a package full of great cards from Spiegel83 at Nomo's Sushi Platter.

Here are the hits, highlighted by a sweet Trevor swatch. [HT] I licked it to verify, and I can confirm that it is indeed sweet! j/k (No, but seriously, flavored relics. That should be a thing. Strawberry parallels and whatnot. Why hasn't a card company hired me yet?! I'm full of great ideas!)

Being a Dodgers collector, Spiegel had some spare Garvey, Piazza, and A-gon cards to send my way.

Some greats.

Always love adding Frank Thomas cards to the PC.

More cool cards of guys I collect. Funny thing about the gold Pujols is it's numbered 0262/2014.. That's the same exact number as the similar Jedd Gyorko I showed the other day, which I only remember because of the "eBay 1/1" connection to Jedd's 2012 AA batting average.

Some Padres and some shiny college guys.

More shiny cards.


And even some football guys I collect for good measure. These three cards are all serial numbered on the back for extra coolness.

Big thanks for the excellent cards, Spiegel83! I dropped your return package in the mail this morning.


  1. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the cards I sent you. I tried to give you a good variety for all your different collections. We will have to trade again sometime.

    1. Yeah, you clearly spent some time looking through my wantlist crafting a well-rounded trade package and I really appreciate it!

  2. Great cards! I really like that Fleer Steve Garvey card by his locker. It caught my eye several months ago and I picked it up.