Monday, December 8, 2014

Trade Bait from the card show

I picked up a bunch of trade bait at the card show last month. It's hard to pass up cheap autos, relics, and low-numbered cards, even if they don't really fit into my collection. I figure if nothing else I can Listia them off for a decent chunk of credits. But yeah, everything in this post is available.


Ben Petrick - 2000 SP
I knew the name sounded familiar, but it wasn't till I looked him up that I realized he's the guy who was forced to retire due to Parkinson's disease. It's a bummer, but cool that he's making the best of it. Seems like a great guy. He's also a fellow Oregonian; from Hillsboro, an affluent Portland suburb where my in-laws live.

Angel Pena - 1999 Fleer #'d 406/1000
Backup catcher with the Dodgers for a few years.

Patrick Misch - 2007 Upper Deck
Pat Misch pitched a few years for the Giants and Mets.

Matt Riley - 1999 SP Top Prospects
He pitched for the Orioles and a little for the Rangers. He made his major league debut on 9/9/99, which is kinda cool.

Tony Torcato - 1999 SP Top Prospects
Tony hit .298 in 43 games with the Giants over the first half of the 00s.

Pasqual Coco - 1999 SP Top Prospects
Team Coco! He pitched a few games for the Blue Jays in the early 00s.

Brad Halsey - 2005 Donruss
Had one year stops with the Yankees, Diamondbacks, and A's. Passed away at an early age from a fall while recreationally climbing a cliff.

Ryan Braun - 2007 Upper Deck
Ryan Braun - 2007 SP
The other Ryan Braun. This guy pitched a couple years with the Royals.


Todd Helton jersey
Mike Sweeney jersey
Hank Blalock bat
Rafael Furcal jersey
Casey Kotchman jersey #'d 91/130
Chad Cordero jersey #'d 61/130

Victor Martinez jersey
Vinny Castilla bat mini
Barry Zito jersey
Jorge Cantu jersey #'d 57/199


Lance Berkman 2012 Gypsy Queen sepia mini #'d 76/99
Mike Moustakas 2012 Bowman blue refractor #'d 126/250
Oscar Robles 2005 Upper Deck Update Prospect Edition #'d 153/450
Danny Garcia 2003 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #'d 102/250

See anything you like? I'm hot to trot trade! Check my wantlist and get in touch. I'm specifically keen on receiving needs from the sets I'm working on:
1973 Topps
1971 Topps
2001 Reserve
2002 Reserve



  1. I'm interested in the Helton. Please email me at

  2. Yo! I am interested in the Angel Pena auto. I few of his autos and would like to add one more. You have a thorough and extensive want list. I should be able to find you something worthwhile. Send me an email and we can get a trade going. Thanks.

  3. I'm interested in the Berkman card. I'll have to take a look and see what I have and dig something up for you.

  4. I would LOVE the other Ryan Braun card. My best friend works with him, so I have been looking for an auto of his.

    1. *Cards. I would LOVE them both lol

    2. Sorry, Alex, but believe it or not, somebody emailed me about them before you and we already have a deal going. Who would have thought the other Ryan Braun would have more collectors chasing him than the better-known guy. lol. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for his cards. That's cool you've got a loose connection to him like that.