Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trading with 2x3 really takes me back (to my old house)

Jeff at 2x3 Heroes sent me a nice return trade package recently. Thanks, Jeff! However, this is the 2nd time since I've moved that you've mailed to my old address. This time it didn't get forwarded and I had to pick it up from the old house. Luckily my old landlord happened to be around and was nice enough to get in touch with me so I could swing by and pick it up. But anyways, Jeff and anybody I traded with before February of this year, please go through your old email or "traders addresses" list or whatever you use for addresses and delete all references to my "1533 Main" address. I'm now at the "1242" address. Not to be a bitch about it, but I would hate to miss out on any future awesome card packages, like I nearly did with this one.

Ok, with that out of the way, let's rip open the package and see what I got!

That's a pretty sweet Bryce Harper. It's my first of these "burnt cards" I've seen a lot of on other blogs. This one is extra special because it's got that Xfractor stuff going on, and is #'d 17/25.

Kevin Kouzmanoff bat/ticket relic.. Very cool! Funny that the ticket stub was produced by Topps too.

A couple all-time greats. We'll see a few more of these neat "raised frame" GQ cards before this post is over.

A bunch of Chris Sale cards! More like Chris Wholesale, am I right?

A bunch of Gavin Floyd cards, including my long-awaited first Gavin-on-the-Braves card.

Love getting Willie Stargell in a trade package! This is a great lot of 3 framed Gypsy Queens plus a thick "card that never was" Future Star.

A trio of McGriffs. Love em.

Several Gwynns. Jeff is trying to get me to believe that GQ on the bottom is an image variation, but I think he's lying.

A bunch of Roberto Alomars (plus a couple more that didn't fit on the scanner).

Three of the best pitchers to ever suit up for the Padres. I think that might be my first Brewers card of Trevor.

Here's the last scan of cards. Some sweet ones here, with the card I'm the most happy about probably being the gold Gyorko. It's numbered 0262/2014. Let me ask you a question: What was Jedd Gyorko's batting average at AA in 2012? That's right! .262! This card is his Topps Gold AA 2012 Batting Average eBay 1/1!

Thanks a ton, Jeff! You made me earn it, but this package was definitely worth the trip back to my old neighborhood. Thanks again for the great cards and Merry Christmas.


  1. That Kouzmanoff card is rad. Robbie Alomar will always be a Blue Jay to me (even though he obviously started out as a Padre), and most of it is because of that '92 Pinnacle card. That's a good one.

  2. You're the only one who can make a Bryce Harper card look appealing to me :). MERRY CHRISTMAS DG!

  3. Trust me on that image variation. It's VERY VERY subtle, but that is a variation card. You have to look at that black line in the dugout on the left side of the card. Scroll down here to see the difference.

  4. I love that Harper. I've been trying to find a good deal on a Polanco x fractor, but so far nothing.