Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vintagey card show haul

Here are a bunch more cards I picked up at the card show this past weekend. I've split up my haul here with the old-school players. (Active/more-recent players will be posted another day.)

Topps was ga-ga for Mickey Mantle up until their contract with his estate ran out a couple years ago (which was probably a good thing, because collectors were getting sick of him. Now if only the same could happen with Ruth, Cobb, Nettles, Kaline, Nettles, etc, Nettles). I hadn't seen this one from 2004 before, though (possibly my favorite flagship design in the past 20 years or so). The corners are a bit dinged, but I'm still happy to add this to my Mantle PC. Looks like 2014 will end without me adding any true vintage Mantles to my collection. I'm ok with that. Maybe I'll target one next year.

And of course I always love adding to my Clemente PC. That Gypsy Queen gold has a nice raised border on it, like an actual frame. The middle card is one of those Renata Galasso cards that I wasn't familiar with until getting schooled last month. And on the right is a reprint of his '62 card.. working toward getting that entire tribute reprint run.

Neat minor league card of a Hall of Famer. Sure, somebody spilled their drink on it in the upper left, but still.

Some Gwynns, including a nicely-centered 84 Fleer, a Pacific card celebrating his 2998th hit (?!!) #'d /3000, and my first-ever (I think) Tek card.

A couple Hank Aaron cards. Actually the AS card is an upgrade for my Dick Allen collection (somebody spilled their drink on my other copy), and the card that's currently in it will now move into my Hank Aaron PC. And there's another Renata Galasso card.

Everybody love Kellogg's 3D cards. A couple guys I collect. No cracking!

At a card show, I don't spend much, if any, time digging in the football bins.. but occasionally a football card will sneak into the baseball bins and catch my eye, as did Joe Montana here.

It's hard for me to pass up Ozzie as a Padre. By the time this '82 Topps sticker came out, he was gone.

Here's a trio of greats to close out the post: A vintage Frank Robinson game card, Lou Brock SSPC, and a Dave Parker 2nd-year.

Not a bad haul of classic ballplayers.


  1. My eyes went right to the Galasso cards. Looks like I've got a new mission.

  2. I still go ga-ga for the Mick. And I dig that Hank Aaron.

  3. I'm partial to that SSPC Brock. I really think it captures his persona. Always seemed like good guy.

    You made a nice card show haul!